A trecut ceva vreme de la ultima mea postare nu-i asa? Dar in schimb am postat cel celalalt blog.
Azi, o sa va arat cateva din ultimele mele achizitii si un mic wish list :D. Spun mic pentru ca lista mea continua sa se mareasca pe zi ce trece :)).
Am fost zilele trecute la shopping in 2 ture intr-o zi :D. In prima tura am fost in C&A de unde mi-am luat camasuta neagra cu bulinute (v-am mentionat vreodata ca adooor bulinele? :X). Am prins-o la reduceri, cred ca era ultima (lucky me) si am dat pe ea cam 25 lei.
In cea de-a doua parte a zilei am fost cu Simo in Unirea de unde mi-am luat o fustita crem foarte simpatica cu o curea roz in talie (nu ma dau in vand dupa curea dar e bine ca merge schimbata :D). Fusta a fost 90 lei parca. O puteti vedea si aici doar ca difera culoarea, in shimb modelul este acelasi.
Cea de-a doua bluzita am confiscat-o din dulapul mamei :D. Nu-i asa ca e draguta? Este gen maieu si modelele florale sunt un fel de broderie? Cred :D.
It has been a while since my last post, right? But, in the meantime I’ve been writing on my other blog. Today I’m going to show you my latest purchases and a short wish list. Why short…you may ask, it’s because my list is getting longer and longer one day after the other.
Recently, I’ve been on a shopping spree. Looking for interesting fashion items is not easy… so I had to search more than once.  Firstly, I went to C&A from where I bought a black shirt with dots (have I ever mentioned how much I looove dots?). Well, it was on sales and I think it was the last one, lucky me!
In the last part of the day, Simo and I went  in Unirea Shopping Center  where I found a cream skirt with a pink belt (I’m not a big fan of  the belt, but the good news is that I can change it). You can also see it here, the colour is different, but the design is the same.
The gorgeous second top was”stolen” from my mother’s closet. Its embroidery has been fascinating me for some time.

Si acum wishlist-ul :D. Am facut o pasiune pentru ce puteti vedea mai jos si anume ciorapi luuungi pana deasupra genunchilor si strampi in genul primei poze. Kill me if I’m wrong but aren’t they gorgeous? 

And now, the wish list: I really fancy those looong socks, which go up above the knees and last, but not least the patterned stockings, as you can see in the first picture.


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